True Alchemy: Pain Transmuted Into Pleasure

Would you like to be free from pain?

* how to get a tooth filled without needing a pain killer
* how to live with anxiety without reaching for the benzos
* how to discover the pleasure that is inherent in the painful

Alchemists famously sought to turn base metals into gold. In fact, this can be seen as a metaphor for turning everyday events into divine encounters. By changing one’s perception of reality, reality adjusts itself accordingly.

Ancient paths to the good life have developed practical applications for this insight. And, all of our technology notwithstanding, our lives today are not all that different to those of long ago. We still suffer, we still get stressed, we still get sad and angry and fearful and all the rest of it. And the practical applications the ancients developed still work.

The insight that turning towards the object of your current misery holds the key to happiness, transcendence, and even bliss is not a novel one. But it remains equally valid today.

This is the true alchemy: discovering for yourself that the experience of pain contains pleasure within itself. And learning to apply this insight in your everyday life can help you live it lighter, more present and more connected. It may take a while to fully incorporate the subtleties and nuances of this insight, so join us and start now.

Anyone is welcome to join in this experiential quest for true pleasure, although it helps if you’ve done mindfulness, non-dual or stoic-type practices before. So put down the pain killers, and come join us in this gentle exploration :)

When: Saturday January 26th, from 13:00 till 17:00
Cost: € 45 pp

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