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My name is Merijn de Haen. Over the past few years, I’ve guided dozens of people to find more happiness, harmony and success in their lives. Through individual coaching, we employ meditative techniques such as mindfulness and compassion to work with your specific topic(s).

Having an active daily meditation practice is not required in order to start, as long as you’re willing and able to set one up. This daily practice is the basis of the work that we do together in our sessions. Experienced meditators are also welcome.

Do you want to…

  • be more effective in pursuing your goals
  • experience more connection to others, as well as harmony with yourself
  • be able to work with your emotions in a healthier way
  • stop worrying and enjoy the moment more, or just become slightly happier
  • experience your full humanity

… then Mindfulness Coaching may be for you.

Some advantages to Mindfulness Coaching:

  • It’s all about your personal journey; nothing else matters
  • It’s flexible; we go at your speed
  • It’s accountable to you; if at some point there is stagnation or some other point of concern, we are agile in that we can look for other approaches very quickly

It is possible to have sessions as a couple, or as friends.

Coaching is hard work, though. Especially for you. I don’t do all that much, except help guide you through territory that may be new and unfamiliar. You’re the one making the journey, so you’re the one who works.

So who should not contact me for Mindfulness Coaching?

If you…

  • would rather avoid the difficult parts of your life
  • tend to think that others are responsible for solving your problems in life
  • are incapable of, or would rather not reflect on your thoughts, words or actions
  • are too busy with other things
  • find yourself in the middle of a full-blown life crisis

… then it may be better to find another way, because I can’t help you.

Three factors are important in any successful coaching relationship:

  1. Motivation and having sufficient space in your life to wholeheartedly embark on this journey
  2. An openness to approaching the elements of your experience in new and alternative ways. This does not involve the suspension of disbelief :) but rather the openness to adopt alternative lenses through which to perceive your experience.
  3. The personal chemistry between you and me

The first two factors are up to you. I could not change those, even if I wanted to. The third factor can only be determined when we meet. We take 45 to 60 minutes to get to know each other in our first introductory session.

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