Introduction into Mindfulness Meditation course

Do you want to learn to experience happiness, harmony and ease, at will, no matter the time or the place? Be free from stress, anxiety, anger or insecurity, right in the moment it comes up? Learn how to cope with a chronic condition?

Then this mindfulness intensive course is for you. This summer, Inward is presenting the Mindfulness Summer Intensives — immersive one-week experiential courses that can act as a pressure cooker to get off to a flying start with your mindfulness practice.

Immerse yourself in an ancient technique that can be learned by anyone. Gender, age, and level of education don’t matter one bit – mindfulness just works. The only barrier to learning is your willingness to learn to observe yourself from a distance. The stronger your motivation, the more results you can expect.

So if you’re genuinely interested in liberating yourself, come join this course!

The course is fully taught in English. You can meet the teacher in the video below. Make sure to enable subtitles (CC) to have the English translation available.

What is mindfulness and how is this course different from other mindfulness courses?

Mindfulness is a way to create order in the wilderness that your mind can sometimes be. In a way that is accepting, non-judging and loving. Move from internal conflict to the experience of harmony and freedom.

Inward’s Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation course differs from other mindfulness courses. One of the main differences is that the Inward Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Course has an intensive format, allowing you to learn the ins and outs of mindfulness in a short, pressure cooker time frame.

Prices and Discounts

(Dutch) employers regularly have employee development funds. If your employer pays for the course, the price is € 582 ex BTW. An invoice is part of the arrangement. Select the appropriate option when registering for this course.

To keep the course as accessible as possible, non corporate-sponsored individuals get a discounted rate. See below for starting dates, prices and availability.

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mindfulness met u-pas utrechtIf you carry a U-pas, you can use the balance towards taking the course. Please bring your U-pas when you come to one of the meditation meetings.

Students may be eligible for a € 30 discount, ask about it when you register.

Duration: one week, consisting of five full days
Location: Oudegracht aan de Werf 5

Learn mindfulness at Inward Meditation Center

Meditation strengthens your focus by training your attention. Mindfulness instills a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you. It makes you more gentle and less driven by emotion. But most of all, mindfulness can show you how you are continually creating your own reality, moment by moment. Seeing this opens the door to making that reality better and better. You always knew you were capable of great things…

During the course, you’ll get acquainted with the three components of a balanced meditation practice: concentration, mindfulness and lovingkindness. You’ll practice with both formal and informal meditation techniques on a daily basis, so you can use these practices at will, in your daily life, for the rest of your life.

Advantages of learning mindfulness meditation

Scientific studies have consistently shown that mindfulness meditation:

  • diminishes feelings of depression, anxiety and temper
  • improves memory, reaction time and mental stamina
  • helps with maintaining and enjoying meaningful connections with others
  • diminishes the key indicators of chronic stress, for instance high blood pressure
  • strengthens the immune system, helping combat the common cold, flue and other illnesses

Active learning

During the course you will each day be exposed to new forms of meditation. We’ll be keeping a fast pace, and we will not coddle you. You’ll have to commit to extract maximum value from this course. That means engaging with the course materials on your own. It also means that you’re going to be asked to start a daily meditation practice. This will take up 30 minutes to an hour each day. Bear in mind that the course will likely only be effective if you commit to this regimen.

The teacher


My name is Merijn de Haen. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been interested in the adventure of consciousness. I started meditating at an early age and have committed to a daily practice in 2009. Starting in 2011, I have been organising weekly meditation meetings. This endeavour has led to the creation of Inward Meditation Center in February 2015.

Some testimonials:

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Register for the course

The program:

Session subject
1 Who are you allowed to be?
2 Friendliness
3 Awareness of the body
4 Awareness of sounds
5 Relativity of thoughts
6 Who are you, really?
7 – 10 Awareness

General Information

  • Sessions last 120 to 150 minutes, twice a day
  • Minimum group size is 4.


  • Course materials (reader, homework assignments, guided meditations)
  • Access to the Tuesday Night Walk-in Meditation Sessions at Inward – currently offered as a donation – for the duration of the course

Partake of the wonderful opportunity to learn this essential human skill.

Not ready to register at this time, but want to know more?

Why not get to know the teacher, and the workshop space? Each Tuesday evening, Inward Meditation hosts a walk-in meditation session on the basis of donation. We start at eight, and RSVP’ing is appreciated. Joining one of these sessions is highly recommended if you’re interested in doing a course with us.
More information about the meditation group can be found here.

Also, feel free to give Merijn a call at 06-47428754, to talk about the course, and how it may fit with what you’re looking for.


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You’ll receive payment instructions within 24 hours. Your registration is secure when your payment has been received. Inward Meditation Center offers full refunds up until 21 days before the course starts. No refunds are available after this period, but enrolment in a future course may be discussed.

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