True Alchemy: Pain Transmuted Into Pleasure

Would you like to be free from pain?

* how to get a tooth filled without needing a pain killer
* how to live with anxiety without reaching for the benzos
* how to discover the pleasure that is inherent in the painful

Alchemists famously sought to turn base metals into gold. In fact, this can be seen as a metaphor for turning everyday events into divine encounters. By changing one’s perception of reality, reality adjusts itself accordingly. Continue reading “True Alchemy: Pain Transmuted Into Pleasure”

Free Meditation Sessions at Inward on Tuesday Nights

mindfulness training utrecht inward meditatiecentrum

All summer long, the Tuesday night meditation sessions at Inward will be offered on the basis of “dana”, which is a Buddhist concept that roughly translates to “giving something without expecting anything in return.”

Normally priced at € 10, these weekly mindfulness meditations can be instrumental in maintaining your inner balance, resulting in more calm, happiness and self-knowledge throughout the week.

There is the opportunity to make a donation, though none is required or expected.

To join the Tuesday night meditations, RSVP here or by messaging Merijn directly. We meet at our usual venue, Werf5, which is located on the Oudegracht aan de Werf 5. We start at 8 PM.

See you there!