Rediscover your personal love affair with life

Dear friend,

As you may know, living well is not about avoiding the pain of life. It’s not about resisting that which is already here. In fact, living well is about being fully present for each moment you are given. This way, your life becomes one big love affair. A love affair with both the highs and the lows of life, for they all have their place.

One way to start becoming fully present is by practicing mindfulness and metta. In Inward Meditation’s ten-week introductory course, we work at gradually deepening your mindfulness and metta practice, both by doing formal meditations and through your day-to-day life, however it is. Week by week, we gently experiment with these dimensions of being human, culminating in the rediscovery of that aspect of yourself that is not impacted by any experience.

Join this course to acquaint yourself with a radically different way of being. To reacquaint yourself with who you truly are, and have always been, beyond all the drama that daily life can make us believe is essential to us. In fact, we sometimes go through life convinced that our anger, anxiety or depression are essential features of ourselves. But they are not, and you can be convinced of that fact by the evidence of your own direct experience.

If you’ve previously taken a course in mindfulness or meditation, participating in this course can also be beneficial. Each time you delve more deeply into these rarely visited realms of being, your picture of reality becomes just a little bit more clear. The result? More happiness, a deeper connection to the items of your life that are important to you, and more freedom to choose your own responses to life’s beautiful challenges.

Rediscover your personal love affair with life. Join the Inward Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Course.

With much love,

Merijn de Haen
Inward Meditation

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