Mindfulness courses and open meditation meetings at Inward

So, what exactly happens at Inward? Below is a list of upcoming events.


Mindfulness courses

Mindfulness courses run for ten weeks and require a certain commitment, in order to get the optimal learning out of it. The emphasis is on developing mindfulness to fuel your personal growth, so as to better learn to cope with the obstacles you create for yourself in your life. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn this essential human skill.

Course startsTimeSlots open?Price
Monday Evening, January 14, 201919:30yes€ 295 Early Bird
Wednesday Morning, January 16, 201910:00yes€ 295 Early Bird

Mindfulness Coaching is a specific way to learn these techniques. In Mindfulness Coaching, your questions, process and speed are guiding principles for the journey we take together. We apply meditative techniques, such as mindfulness, to create more insight, happiness and choice. This leads to more freedom, love and connection, not just during meditation but exactly where it’s needed: in the wildness of your day-to-day existence.


Open mindfulness and metta meditation sessions

Every Tuesday evening you can participate in an open meditation session, in which we practice both mindfulness and metta meditation. These meetings are open to anyone who wants to meditate with others, and are guided by an experienced (bilingual) meditation teacher. Afterwards, there is tea, the opportunity to share your experience and the option to listen to a short lecture on mindfulness (meditation).

To RSVP, click on the session you would like to join.

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Mindfulness at the Office

Would you like to practice mindfulness right where it is most needed? With Mindful Morning’s Mindful Office program, an experienced mindfulness teacher comes to your place of work and leads those present in a guided meditation. Other possibilities include participating in a mindfulness course that is specifically tailored to the challenges of your particular workplace.

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