Mindfulness Course – “Knowing Your Mind”

Continue your journey of mindfulness! The Mindfulness Course lets you immerse yourself in the possibilities of being mindful in your moment-to-moment existence. Through an eight week program, we gradually expand the boundaries of the field of your awareness until it is capable of holding the entirety of your experience in this moment.

It’s going to be a challenging but fun-filled exploration of the wildernesses of your own mind. Buttressed by the two other components of a balanced meditation practice – concentration and friendliness – you will grow to appreciate every inch of your momentary experience.

The benefits are legion. It is a skill that – once learned – you can practice anywhere and in any situation. When you’re upset, fearful or sad. When you’re happy, filled with love or utterly connected to those around you. When you’re experiencing (di)stress. All these things can be detected before your (or someone else’s) boundaries are crossed.

Three key points that will serve as guides for this course:

  1. Continuous perspective taking
  2. Letting go of attachment to thoughts, views and emotions
  3. Practicing with being happy at will

Practical information about the Mindfulness Course

The course starts on Thursday Night, October 22, 2015, at eight,
lasts for eight weeks,
and costs € 275.
Location: Inward Meditation Center, Vredenburg 40 Utrecht (google maps)

This eight-week course teaches you the basic exercises of this age-old technique. Besides formal meditations, a number of informal techniques are offered. Familiarity with these practices makes sure that your tool box of meditation techniques is filled. That leaves you free to choose between the practices that do and those that don’t fit you at this particular moment.

The fee for this course is € 275. Included in the price:

  • Learning materials
  • Guided meditations
  • Participation in 1 two-and-a-half-hour meditation session – these take place every Sunday Morning – value € 25.

As a bonus, you can join the Tuesday Night walk-in meditation sessions for free, for the duration of the course (value € 40).

The teacher


Merijn de Haen has been interested in the secrets of consciousness his entire life. He started meditating at an early age and has committed to a daily practice in 2009. Starting in 2011, he has been organizing weekly meditation meetings. This endeavour has led to the creation of Inward Meditation Center in February 2015. Some testimonials:

“Thumbs up! Insightful, peaceful and a perfect moment for contemplation and ‘centering’.” Suzanne C.

“An excellent oasis for meditation. Merijn, thanks again for everything!” Kamil

“I think it is a good place to meditate and if you are a not experienced one you will feel very good with Merijn! You can do what ever you feel to, it is an open and lovely place. ” Caroline K.

Enroll in the course now

The program:

date subject
Thursday Night October 22 Mindfulness of the Body 1
Thursday Night October 29 Mindfulness of the Body 2
Thursday Night November 5 Mindfulness of Breathing
Thursday Night November 12 Mindfulness of Hearing
Thursday Night November 19 Mindful Awareness of Thinking
Thursday Night November 26 Choiceless Awareness 1
Thursday Night December 3 Choiceless Awareness 2
Thursday Night December 10 Choiceless Awareness 3

Partake of the wonderful opportunity to learn this essential skill.


Use the form below to enroll in the course. Please know that any information you share with us will be kept in the strictest confidence by your teacher and will only be used to make your experience as good as possible. If you decide against participating, your information will be destroyed. If the group is full and you can’t or won’t wait for the next group, your information will be destroyed. When the course is over, your information will be destroyed.

You’ll receive payment instructions within 24 hours. Your enrolment is final when your payment has been received. Inward Meditation Center offers full refunds up until 7 days before the course starts. No refunds are available after this period.

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