Insight Therapy – Assistance Integrating Difficult Meditative or Psychedelic Experiences

Welcome to Insight Therapy. Here, the assumption is that your difficult meditation or psychedelic experience actually has the power to make you healthier, and become more free from certain default ways of responding to life.

It may not feel that way right now, but you’re close to a resolution. It all depends on the lens through which you’re viewing any particular experience.

It has been my experience that many professional therapists, meditation teachers, and psychedelic researchers lack the skills required to safely guide someone through this terrain.

I can help you to make the appropriate shift.

Who Can I Help to Integrate Difficult Meditative and Psychedelic Experiences?

Let me make one thing clear: I’m not a psychiatrist. I have not been educated to deal with deep mental illness such as psychosis, schizophrenia, OCD, PTSD, autism or treatment-resistent depression. I can’t help you with your addiction. Nor could I prescribe the medicine that might alleviate symptoms for these conditions.

I will work with you if you’re a relatively stable person, who is generally capable of such mundane things as paying your bills on time, relating to others in a mutually fruitful way, holding down a job, and reflecting on your own mental and emotional state. If this isn’t you, please find other counsel.

I won’t work with you if you’re more interested in talking philosophy than in actually making the philosophical practical, and helping yourself out of the hole. I’d rather only have one fruitful encounter than ten sessions that go nowhere.

While we’re on the subject of time; it’s crucial to understand that properly integrating these kinds of experiences can take but a single insightful moment, or it can last for decades. Healing and insights are wrapped up in this integration, discovering them is up to you.

This can be a wonderful journey of self-discovery, which I would like to share with you.

How Do We Work With Difficult Meditative and Psychedelic Experiences?

You might think there is a fundamental difference between difficult experiences that arise in meditation, and those that flow from a psychedelic experience, but there really isn’t. Both can seem more real somehow than normal life. Both can feel like some profound truth of life has suddenly been revealed, and perhaps yanked away all too soon. And both can raise deep and unsettling questions about the way you’ve been living your life so far.

It turns out that the way to integrate these experiences is similar in both instances, also. In doing so, we will draw on meditative techniques and meditative questioning to unearth the insights that are relevant for you. Excavated thus, the tension related to the experience will generally quickly disperse, leaving you ready to move on to the next stage of your journey.

I’m not a traditional therapist, for whatever that is worth. I’m mostly interested in helping people navigate this particular terrain, because I’ve gone through it many times and it has never failed to teach me interesting stuff, and make me more free in the process.

Do you think you can benefit from this process of integration as well? Reach out below.

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